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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Olympians!

If there were an Olympic competition for revolting cuteness, I'm fairly certain (in my completely unbiased corner of the universe) that Op would take the gold. Just look at that face! I'm feeling sort of slackerish because I STILL haven't taken him for his one-year-old pictures but every time I plan to, he takes a digger at daycare and has some sort of head wound. Poor little guy! I guess that's what happens when you are a champion "climbing bug" though.
And, speaking of "cute," the other day my husband says to me, "So, I'm thinking of making knight's helmets for PoKaL and Fud." Now, DH is fairly crafty is a guy sort of way so this was not that surprising. The helmets though are hysterical! The kids ran around the house bashing each other with cardboard swords and screaming their heads off. It was a complete success.

Successes have been quite bountiful around here lately. I finished my French Press slippers in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Because, you know, you just have to have great footwear for Olympic viewing. One pair for me and one pair for my Olympic buddy.
The pattern is super easy and super quick. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a stylish pair of slippers.

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Rainy Daisy said...

Oh my, those knight helmets are hilarious! How did he make them?

LOVE those slippers. What kind of yarn did you use?